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Our High Voltage services include:-


  • Installation Design and Commissioning

This includes installation of switchgear, cabling and transformers


  • Cable Jointing and Terminations

Cable installations up to and including 33kv, cable jointing and excavation, laying cables and backfilling as well as on containment systems


  • Maintenance

Maintaining and repairing 11kv-33kv switchgear and transformers, routine inspections and testing


  • Protection

Checking all protection for values and ensuring they are correct and operational on IDM relays and similar protection


  • Inspection Testing and Certification

Pressure testing of cables up to 40kv DC. Over current and earth fault testing, spiking cables, ducter tests are some of the services we can do to give our customers the assurance they need that their systems are safe and operating correctly


  • Fault Finding

Tracing cables, sourcing and diagnosis of faults on systems



Finance available on our work - please ask us for quote

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