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Automatic Fixed Generator Changeover system

R.J. Smith Electrical Engineers were recently contracted to design, install and integrate an automatic fixed generator changeover system which would be used to keep one of the U.K.'s largest distribution centres running during a power failure. Incorporated into this system was to be a separate temporary generator link panel which would be used if the main generator was out for maintenance or had an issue as the distribution centre is a key hub to a major national retailer.

Careful planning and deadlines

The distribution centre was receiving other upgrade works alongside our own installation, and as the client's provides a 24/7 operation, all works had to be carefully planned and co-ordinated to ensure that each part of the works did not interfere with any other, and any disruption to normal business was kept to an absolute minimum and happened at a time and within an allotted time slot that suited their needs. All deadlines were tight, but had to be met, as one small delay could have a massive knock on effect to other works onsite as well as their operation.


On completion of the installation and at a pre-determined time slot, the power was shut-off intentionally to simulate a power outage, allowing the generator to take the load of the centre and providing the client confidence in the system. The generator and system performed perfectly for over 24 hours before being turned off and mains power restored. Another satisfied client for R.J. Smith Electrical Engineers. Should you wish to know more about generator back-up systems or if there is any other matter that we can help you with please contact us.

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